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Our Programme

Sheep Breeding Objectives

At Glenbrook our aim is to produce excellent quality rams using modern sheep breeding technologies within an efficient system, to provide good value commercial rams.

By using the LAMBPLAN programme and Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs), we identify those animals with best genetics, and combined with modern breeding practices, accelerate genetic gain to produce commercially profitable rams for our clients.

The White Suffolk breeding programme at Glenbrook aims to produce animals with fast growth rates for early turn off and a generally even balance of ASBV traits.

Using the BreedELITE system of sheep management and record keeping, we are able to select the best animals to improve genetic gain within the flock, and provide detailed genetic information to our clients. As we grow and develop our programme, we will continue to explore and incorporate more sophisticated techniques and tools, such as DNA testing and MateSel, to further refine this process. By using a variety of appropriate tools, we will be able to build a more efficient breeding system which will in turn provide better value to clients.

Sheep Management

The Glenbrook flock is run under common district practice conditions, using an appropriate animal health programme of vaccination, drenching and lice control. All care is taken to maintain Brucellosis accreditation.

To align with typical client management of flocks, lambs are weaned onto fodder crops and ewes are run through the summer on stubbles and trail fed lupins. In this way we can give clients confidence that Glenbrook rams will perform well in their commercial systems.

Australian White Suffolk Assocition

The AWSA is Australia’s leading breed society with a core purpose to provide information, innovation and leadership to their members. As members of the Association, Glenbrook embraces the most relevant and current information available in breed development, innovation and adoption of new technology.

Australian Sheep Breeding Values

Genetic selection enables both wool and sheep producers to make positive and permanent genetic gains in their flock. Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV) are the most effective tool sheep producers can use to select rams and ewes to genetically improve their flocks. At Glenbrook we use ASBVs to ensure our rams are bred with the traits you want in your flock.